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Description The Urban Kanga portable car seat has been designed to suit the modern urban family lifestyle and all your modern transportation conveniences. This foldable, lightweight car seat makes sure you travel with ease and enjoy every adventure. You won't have to delay travel plans again. This innovative design only weighs 3kg and fits in most standard suitcases. Meets European safety standards. Details We love Urban Kanga. Here's why -
  • Safety first: Meets European safety standards
  • Ultra lightweight: Just 3kg!
  • Taxi-friendly: Installs quickly and easily in any Singaporean taxi, or GrabCar
  • Portable: Lightweight and foldable it is easily moved in and out of vehicles as needed
  • Long-lasting: Suitable for children 9 months to 4 years, weighing 9-18kg
This forward facing portable child restraint falls under the Group 1 Universal category and is classified as a safety device in the case of an accident. As with all child restraints, correct installation and secure fastening of the child is a must. Plus it has these great features also -
  • Fold & go feature
  • Quick & easy installation - just 60 seconds!
  • Height adjustable headrest
  • Air cushions in the headrest for additional protection and comfort
  • Five point safety harness with easy adjustment
  • Memory foam padded seat
  • Water-resistant mesh backrest
  • Lightweight carry case
  • Removable cover for washing
The Urban Kanga's design maintains all safety requirements to keep your child safe while enabling you to go where you want to. This car seat takes the weight and bulks out of your usual car seat, so you can have an easier time traveling with your child. Simply fold and go! Be inspired by freedom.  Safety Credentials All Urban Kanga products are tested and certified to meet or exceed European safety regulations and carry the ECE R44/04 safety certification. To check your car seat's certification, you can look under the seat of your Urban Kanga. Details are printed on an orange label, and it should show that it is certified compliant to ECE R44/04. Please read the following for further technical information on the Urban Kanga:
  • The Urban Kanga is a forward facing car seat with a weight requirement of 9-18 kg. It is not convertible and should not be installed rear facing.
  • Please check in your vehicle owner's manual that your car can fit a "universal" child restraint system approved to regulation number 44, 04 series of amendments, for general use in vehicles. If you've lost your manual, or you need to be sure, feel free to contact us - make an appointment with us so that you can make sure it fits in your car before you purchase!
  • The Urban Kanga needs to be installed with a three-point seat belt, approved to UN/ECE regulation number 16 or other equivalent standards.
  • The seal of approval and the approval number can be found on the orange approval sticker on the bottom of the Urban Kanga. This product has been classified as a "universal" child restraint under stricter conditions than earlier products.
  • Please observe the instructions for using children's restraining systems in the operating instructions of your vehicle.
  • The included user guide is full of important information. We recommend reading through it so that under proper care and installation, your child can maximize the protective properties of the car seat.
  • When properly installed, your child's head should not rise above the headrest. If it does, you can extend it upwards to fit your child. If the headrest is fully extended and the back of your child's head still protrudes from the headrest without support, then the Urban Kanga is not the right solution for your child's build.
Click here to check out User Manual Manufacturer's Warranty The following warranty applies solely in the country where this product was initially sold by a retailer to a customer. The warranty covers all manufacturing and material defects, existing and appearing, at the date of purchase or appearing within a term of two (2) years from the date of purchase from the retailer who initially sold the product to a consumer (manufacturer’s warranty). In the event that a manufacturing or material defect should appear, we will – at our own discretion – either repair the product free of charge or replace it with a new product. To obtain such warranty it is required to take or ship the product to the retailer, who initially sold this product to a customer and to submit an original proof of purchase (sales receipt or invoice) that contains the date of purchase, the name of the retailer and the type designation of this product. This warranty shall not apply in the event that this product is taken or shipped to the manufacturer or any other person other than the retailer who initially sold this product to a consumer. Please check the product with respect to completeness and manufacturing or material defects immediately at the date of purchase or, in the event that the product was purchased in distance selling, immediately after receipt. In case of a defect stop using the product and take or ship it immediately to the retailer who initially sold it. In a warranty case, the product has to be returned in a clean and complete condition. Prior to contacting the retailer, please read this User Guide carefully. This warranty does not cover any damages caused by misuse, environmental influence (water, fire, road accidents, etc.) or normal wear and tear. It does solely apply in the event that the use of the product was always in compliance with the operating instructions, if any and all modifications and services were performed by authorized persons and if original components and accessories were used. This warranty does not exclude, limit or otherwise affect any statutory consumer rights, including claims in tort and claims with respect to a breach of contract, which the buyer may have against the seller or the manufacturer of the product. About The Brand The team behind the Urban Kanga portable car seat have been actively involved in the baby industry for over 17 years. Our engineers and product development team have all previously worked for leading car seat and baby product companies. The Urban Kanga portable car seat is produced and tested in the same production and testing facilities as most of the more well-known brands. This means that you can be confident that you are buying not only safety but quality as well. We understand that safety is the number one concern when looking for a car seat for the most precious people in your life. As parents ourselves, we share this concern with you and are vigilant in safeguarding these standards. All Urban Kanga products are tested and certified to meet current European safety regulations under regulation R44/04. For more information on safety, please refer to our “safety” section. We also understand that you have many options to choose from, each with their own array of features and promises. Not every car seat is suited to every family. We recommend that you assess your needs and travel habits and select a seat that is both suitable for your child and to your lifestyle. Research has found that a startling 15% of parents do not put their toddler in a car seat for all car rides taken during a recent trip. The majority of instances where a car seat was not used involved taxi, car-share or ride share service. This can be largely due to the lack of a real solution that could cater to these mobile parents. We want to change this statistic by offering a safe solution while giving back to parents the freedom that they so often feel they have lost when traveling with children. This is the motivation behind our slogan – “inspired by freedom”. Urban Kanga is a registered trademark of BW Baby Warehouse GmbH & Co KG, a company based in Berlin, Germany, dedicated to sourcing and developing unique products for babies and toddlers.
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